About Us

We began working out in late 2014. As best friends that always try to motivate and steer one another on a positive path, we established a regular fitness regimen. What started as a hobby and an endeavor to lead a healthier life, quickly became a passion and central component of our daily routine.


The primary reason we strived to start Lavish Lifting was because we recognized that the way you are dressed when you are at the gym could make the difference between a mediocre workout and an exceptional one. Constant, steady patterns of exceptional workouts make a fit, active lifestyle more sustainable and viable. We aim to influence as many people as we possibly can to gain the motivation and inspiration to take charge of their fitness and nutrition.


We have affiliated with Active Plus because our experiences and core values overlap with this mission driven organization. Active Plus is a unique, dedicated non-profit organization based in New York City that seeks to combat the childhood obesity epidemic by imparting knowledge regarding nutrition and exercise to youth through sports and recreation, nutritional workshops, community volunteering, educational health field trips and mentoring.


We will donate $1 of our proceeds from every item you order to Active Plus. It is our belief that knowledge, motivation, and drive coupled with the right fitness apparel can help all of us live more enriching, productive lives. To learn more about Active Plus and to find out how you could get involved with their mission, click here.







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